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Anitone Feed Supplement

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Product Description


  • Acts as a tonic and supports digestive efficiency.
  • Can help to stimulate appetite and rumen fermentation.
  • Provides 60 chelated essential minerals in a readily – available organic form
  • Stress management due to Anitone’s high levels of nutrients, it is helpful during any period of stress or recovery from injury or disease.
  • Can help reduce stress in livestock after mustering, transportation and at weaning.
  • Useful for introduction to lot-feeding and during lot-feeding.
  • May help to alleviate symptoms of acidosis, laminitis, grain-poisoning.


Horses are the superior livestock, being more frequently classed as companion animals because they are expected to live long and productive lives. Longevity is always underscored by good nutrition, and access to plenty of minerals – one way to ensure this is to include Anitone in the daily diet, as the mineral content of commonly fed forages is highly variable and rarely adequate.

Since most horse properties run high stocking rates, their soils are compacted and depleted hence they cannot rely on pastures alone to provide the total ration. The nutrient quality and mineral content of purchased forages also depends on the variations of soil, climate and season. Therefore, it is almost impossible under these conditions to ensure that a horse’s diet is perfectly balanced at all times.


Goats are browsing animals by nature who would naturally consume more mineral rich higher vegetation from trees and shrubs, as well as grasses. Therefore goats have quite high and critical mineral requirements, and may more easily become depleted on pasture based systems where they are prevented from free range foraging. Mineral supplementation is therefore generally recommended for all goat farming operations in confined conditions, whereas free ranging feral goats in pastoral regions are able to overcome potential deficiencies by consuming a huge variety of forage across vast acreages.

Mineral supplementation may be offered in the form of free choice licks, which can be variable in quality and also in the amount the animal consumes and absorbs. However, free choice licks are the best way to deliver the macrominerals such as calcium, magnesium and sulphur into their diet.


Cattle On the productive beef enterprise, every cow must raise a calf a year, and she must reach an ideal weight to start her reproductive life at the right age, then continue this reproductive life as long as possible. Repeated pregnancy and lactations take their toll on the mother, and she can become depleted very easily.It can be difficult to supplement cattle on dams out on pasture with an oral liquid supplement such as Anitone, and therefore good pasture management, plus the use of high quality free choice licks when necessary is most practical in these conditions. However, wherever it is possible to water cattle via troughs, it is possible to use Anitone in the watering systems at low and regular doses to gain the benefit of the humates and array of 60 trace minerals, which would be rarely contained in pasture. Many producers running cattle in dry climates choose to add Anitone to the watering troughs during the hot summer months.


Camels & Alpaca Anitone was first commercially developed for the racing camel market in the Middle East, where camels perform in arduous conditions, and are fed a diet of imported feeds.Nutritional deficiencies in racing camels are therefore rife, and profoundly affect camel health and performance.Anitone is a very useful product for both camels and alpacas, as it is highly palatable to them, and therefore easy to administer in either feed or water, allowing daily dosage with no stress to the animal or product wastage.

Dogs Pets are essentially captive animals, confined by the boundaries of pen, house or yard, and are therefore unable to obtain the wild food that their ancestral blue print would have consumed or hunted.The wild hunting carnivores ate the full carcass of their kill, and this included its gut contents, which would have been partially digested, fermented plant material. Such a diet is almost impossible to reproduce in the urbanized pet living in the modern world, however, there is a large range of scientifically balanced processed foods on the market that do provide a very high level of nutrition. However, these foods by their nature are highly processed, and pass through the digestive system very quickly, hence are tagged as being “highly digestible”. Whilst they may contain all the minerals that are listed on their packaging, it is unknown whether all pets can absorb and assimilate all of these minerals and vitamins at all times in their lives.

Sizes: 250ml, 500ml & 1Lt

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